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The Women who Welded the LSTs

and the Men who Sailed on Them


a book by Kathleen Thomas


In 1941, Winston Churchill realized that if the Allies were to win the war, a new type of ship needed to be designed and constructed.  A ship that could land directly on the beaches of Africa and Europe and discharge troops and equipment.  This ship became the Landing Ship, Tank or LST.


But the United States was already at war and there was a shortage of men in the shipyards.  It was the women that went to the shipyards and built the LSTs.


These women were not riveters ó  they were welders.


These are the stories, remembered 60 years later, of the women welders who built the LSTs and the men who sailed on them.



The book includes women who worked in the shipyards in Pittsburgh; Evansville; Hingham; Jeffersonville; Seneca; Vancouver, WA; and Portland, Oregon.

The men's stories include eye witness accounts of Pearl Harbor, Exercise Tiger, the West Loch tragedy, Leyte, and kamikaze attacks. There is also a chapter on the Korean War LSTs.

The author, Kathleen Thomas, was inspired to write this book because her mother and two aunts worked as welders at the Dravo, Neville Island shipyard in Pittsburgh.



The book includes photographs of the following LSTs: 


1        289    470    738    867

170    313    471    742    919

237    349    472    743    922

286    456    642    827    1122


Men's Stories

The following menís stories are included in the book: 









LST 25

Cliff Kincaid


LST 607

L.F. Grove

LST 48

Ed Neubauer


LST 642

Vernon Beard

LST 127

Francis Hillibush


LST 742

Richard Arnold

LST 170

Lloyd Pace


LST 743

Lester Parker

LST 179

King Richeson


LST 830

John Massey 


Carlyle Harmer


LST 919

Melvin Smith

LST 312

Roger Noreen



Kenneth York  

LST 313

Peter Maurin



George Lewis

LST 349

William Johnson 


LST 962

Russ Kopplow

LST 477

Carlyle Harmer


LST 980

Art Hamilton

LST 507

Adelbert Sickley


LST 982

Adrian Albrecht

LST 511

Earl Minard


LST 1122

Major Thomas

LST 599

E.J. Goodfriend





 Also includes quotes by Dewey Taylor and Hichael Nedeff.


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